Jump rope for heart

On Thursday 25th Aug we had jump rope for heart. Some people raised money for the heart foundation it was a optional choice i chose to and it was a lot of fun. We also in the afternoon had activity’s that we had to do they where like stations. The older classes had to Buddie up with a younger class. Some activity’s where the long ropes where you could do things like double dutch, limbo, snake, run straight through and you could do anything in one big rope. Also there where two classes that did a skipping dance to a song and then the rest of the classes got a one minuet performance. Myself and some others did a trick with one long rope and two others fun into it with another bit smaller rope and skipped and then i ran into both with a smaller rope it was a lot of fun. i had a really enjoyable day all up. ☺

class work

Hi world in class we had a activity that you had to wirte a little paragraph that had 100 words or less this is my paragraph.

It was twenty ten when the Sydney fireworks came shooting in to the sky boom boom boom. OMG this is so cool. I was jumping into the midnight sky everyone clapped and cheered except for the girl at the back of the pack she wet her pants. Yes you heard me she wet her pants oh my gosh laughed the little boy at the back HA HA he screeched. I skipped home with a hop in my step I have always wanted to go to the Sydney fireworks.     By Ellie